Maun: Tuesday, 23rd 02:27 PM
Air Shakawe operate two Cessna 207 aircraft. We decided on these aircraft, since they are exceptional sight-seeing aircraft. They provide great leg space for the longer than usual flights as the cabin space is greater than the most common Cessna 206. Cargo flights are also very favourable since the aircraft can take up to 500Kg of freight at the same cost of its smaller partner, the Cessna 206.

Air Shakawe offers scenic flights, Camp transfers, medical evacuation flights and cargo flights. The aircraft can also be converted to do survey fights. Some of the very first flights Air Shakawe did was survey flying.

A2-CEX - "Charlie"

A2-FUO - "Fiona"

Cessna 207 Tech Specs

Propulsion1 Piston Engine
Engine ModelContinental TSIO-520-M
Engine Power231 kW310 hp
max. Cruise Speed274 km/h148 kts
  170 mph
max. Speed (vne)337 km/h182 kts
  209 mph
Service Ceiling7.925 m26.000 ft
Range1.130 km610 NM
702 mi.
Empty Weight990 kg2.183 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight1.724 kg3.800 lbs
Wing Span10,92 m35,8 ft
Wing Area16,2 m²174 ft²
Length9,80 m32,2 ft
Height2,92 m9,6 ft