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About Us

Air Shakawe first opened its doors in June 2010 and started operating with one aircraft.
The aircraft was based at a small airport in North Western Botswana in a town called Shakawe. Shakawe is more a big village than a town.

Shakawe is situated on the border of Botswana and Namibia in the North, North Western part of Botswana, were the Okavango River flows in from Namibia to eventually drain into the majestic Okavango Delta. The aircraft was to do mainly scenic flights over the pan handle area and Okavango Delta during the time it was based in Shakawe.
Due to overflow work from other air charter operators based in Maun, it was decided to relocate the aircraft to Maun. For a small business to survive in the midst of the recession, we had to go were the business was. Air Shakawe moved back to Maun permanently to expand the business.
During the second year of operations, Air Shakawe managed to add a second aircraft to its fleet. During the third year of operations, the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana issued new aviation legislation for all air operators in Botswana, to be recertified under the International Civil Aviation Organizations’ (ICAO) standards.

Air Shakawe is proud to announce that we obtained full certification under the new legislation on 8 February 2014. Even though we didn’t grow to a third aircraft in the third year, we pledge to continue delivering the quality and safe service we have since day one.